Monday, December 2, 2013

Test Taking Strategies

Powerful Test-Taking Strategies - Elementary Level from Jennifer Jones

Test Taking Strategies 


  • Eat Breakfast
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Focus
  • Stay Positive
  • Take Mini Brain Breaks. Close your eyes and take a deep breath every 4-5 questions.
  • Use Stamina
  • Love (or at least pretend to love) each section!


  • Read ALL of the directions carefully
  • Pace yourself! Don’t rush but don’t waste too much time on one question
  • Check your bubbles


  • Read the questions first 
  • Box the Title
  • Frame & title each paragraph or section
  • Carefully read the passage
  • Check for non-fiction text features like photographs, captions, headings, & charts
  • Stop & think about what you just read
  • Read each question & circle key words and details in the question
  • Think about what the question is really asking
  • Predict what the answer is BEFORE you read the choices
  • Put an “x” beside any incorrect answers
  • Underline in the passage where you found each answer
  • Re-read the question and your answer. Ask yourself,  “Does my answer make sense?” & “Could I explain why I picked this answer if I had to?”
  • Examine ALL the information FIRST when given a chart or map

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